The Call – Weekly Render

Mission Update:

The validity of the following report is questionable.

Call received on sector date 8071-005 GTP.  Conversation recorded as follows:

“Hello?  Hello?  Is anyone there?”
“Yes, this is Janah.  You have reached PEAL, the public emergency assistance line.”
“Umm, I think I need help.  Can you help me?”
“I would be happy to help you.  Please state the nature of your emergency.”

“Robots!  Evil robots!  He’s controlling the robots and killing everyone!”
“Someone is controlling the robots and killing everyone?  Can you tell me where you are located?  We can’t seem to get an ID TAG on your location.”
“I, I, I’m not sure.  It’s dark here.  I can’t tell where I am?”
“You sound kind of young.  Can you tell me your name?”
“Ahhh!  It’s back.  It’s a big robot.  It’s red, and it has arms.  It’s trying to catch me.  I need help!”
“We are currently trying to pinpoint your location so that we can send assistance.  Can you tell me your name, please?”
“My name is Ze—” [inaudible]
“Z?  Okay Z.  Just hang on.  We should be able to pinpoint your location soon.  Z?  Z?  Are you still there, Z?”
“Yes.  I’m still here.  Please help me.  He’s coming after me, and he has another robot.  This one is smaller, but it has a flame thrower on the front of it.”
“A flame thrower?”
“Help!  Help! He’s coming after me.  I can see him.”
“Z?  Can you describe him for me?”

“Describe him?  Yes.  Umm, he’s short.  Wait, he’s tall now.  No wait, he’s changing.  He’s small again.  And he’s wearing a Calarin uniform with a helmet.  And he has a—” [inaudible]
[voice off-mic in background] “He’s wearing a Calarin uniform?”
“Z?  Are you with me?  What does he have? Z?  Z?”
“He.  He has a.  He has a dragon.  It’s red, with big horns.  It’s the one that’s making the fire.  Not the robot.  It’s the dragon.  Oh, no!.  Oh, no! Help!”
“Z?  Z?  Z?”
[Call disconnected]…

PEAL was never able to get a location lock on the call.  It appeared to have been initiated outside of the Chesarn Nebula.  But as the report states, this was most likely an erroneous finding.  No other data found.

Case forwarded with all related data, to the Agents of ACTS on sector date 8081-221 GTP.


During a routine security review of the Confederation data archive, we have discovered that there are seven-hundred forty-three instances of calls where PEAL was not able to identify a location ID. After the review, the office of the Confederation Command requested a more detailed analysis of these seven-hundred forty-three calls. The results of the investigation have revealed two things. First that a large number, over four hundred, in fact, were initiated from the general vicinity of a high-security prison planet named PILOCK Two. PILOCK Two was a former stronghold of the Sirentt Legion and was absorbed into Deceptra’s Legion after their fall at the hand of the War Commanders, Shyah and Armas. Our intelligence has always stated that PILOCK was not active. But if this report is correct, it may mean that our intel was incorrect.

Second, of the seven-hundred forty-three calls, seven of those calls, including the call captured by PEAL on sector date 8071-005 GTP, seem to indicate an origin somewhere outside of the Chesarn Nebula. All seven calls were in the same timeframe as the call on 8071-005 GTP. However, our team thinks that the dates on the calls are misleading. The following is a statement from one of our science teams.

“Upon further examination of the seven data streams and all related information, it is our opinion that these calls could not be ID locked because the calls were displaced by time. Our best guess would be that these calls were initiated in the future and were located near the vicinity of a stellar phenomenon such as a black hole.”

I have attached the seven calls and all of our research for your review.

Tools used to create this week’s render:

  • DAZ 3D Studio
  • NVIDIA Iray
  • Adobe Photoshop