E7 Prophecy – Series

2015FinalistThe E7Prophecy Christian Scifi Fantasy Series is the starting point for all of the books and series in the E7Prophecy Universe.  The three books in this series, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1 and Book 2, along with Enoch are the core story about a Prophecy foretold by the Apostle John shortly before his death.  The series captures key moments from the prophecy and spans fifteen years of the main characters’ lives.
Elizabeth Sette, who is known by her enemies as the Chosen One, and her father, who is an FBI agent, and her sister and two brothers are joined by various friends and partners as they battle the forces of evil in this epic adventure.  There are many delightful and well-rounded characters in this series.  The Sette family, grounded in the Word of God, hold to their Christian values throughout the series as they fight several enemies including an evil corporation involved in human trafficking, demons from other planets and dimensions, and the son of Satan.
The entire E7Prophecy Universe is filled with humor, emotional situations, and lots of action.  We are often told that this should be a movie.  God is awesome so we’ll keep praying about that.  For now, we hope that you are blessed by the awesome gift that God placed into the mind of Jarrod L. Edge.  Peace!