The New York Collection

The New York Collection by Jarrod L. Edge and Isabella M. Edge

NewYorkAdventures-FrontCover1080-2021The Acts of the Dragons, New York Collection contains 5 short stories from Award-Winning authors Jarrod and Isabella Edge. The collection integrates multiple story arcs as well as a bonus origin story. The sci-fi fantasy series follows the “acts” of Elizabeth, her siblings, and their friends as they seek to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The “Acts of the Dragons” was foretold in part of an ancient prophecy, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, which was spoken by the Apostle John before his death. These “acts” take Elizabeth and her siblings on exciting and often dangerous adventures, some of those adventures are alongside their father, Special Agent Johnathan Sette of the FBI. Along the way, they’ll take on a dangerous New York City gang, a bully, an assassin, an evil corporation, and a raccoon. All with the help of a few friends, family, and even an alien or two. This award-winning series is full of fun, comedy, action, and adventure. It features strong characters, female and male, who just happen to let their Christian values shine through as they put a beatdown on crime!