What if the future you just saved depended on a past that you had not seen yet?

Age of Elizabeth 14

ENOCH, the third book of the Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth main series, is an amazing story.  The story picks up where Book Two’s final chapters left off.  You wouldn’t believe the number of questions we received about those twists, but now all of those questions are being answered in this new epic story.  We say that it is epic not only because it is the largest book that has been published in the E7 Universe of books, but because the story itself is significant.

And while Elizabeth, age 14, and her family, are engaged on Enoch Seven, with aliens, enemies, and dragons, there is still much to do on Earth, which has just survived the Destroyer’s all-out assault.  This book is full of surprises, full of fun, full of adventure, and full of hope. 

We hope you are blessed by this epic Christian sci-fi fantasy adventure!

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