The Robbie Petersen Exchange


What happens when a group of children with extraordinary skills, go undercover at a school and inadvertently become the target of a sinister plot?  Read all about it in the short story The Robbie Petersen Exchange from award-winning authors Jarrod L. Edge and Isabella M. Edge.

Age of Elizabeth: 7

TheRobbiePetersenExchange-smallStill living in New York City, young Elizabeth and her siblings are asked to go undercover at a local school to uncover information about a gang called the EPOLICS.  While helping out a young student, Robbie Petersen, Elizabeth becomes the target of an elaborate Syndicate scheme and uncovers a very important secret underneath New York City.

Co-Authored by Jarrod’s daughter, Isabella Edge (9 years old), the Acts of the Dragons stories take place during the timeframe of the Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2. These stories are full of laughs, action, mystery and a few surprises as well.