ZETA 6 – An Origin Story

Engaging, entertaining, and most importantly fun…”

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AWARD-WINNING NOVELLA from the E7 Prophecy Universe – Zeta 6 – An Origin Story


Life as a robotics engineer was good for Aliana Correl. Waking up without her memory, moments away from being recycled, was bad for Zeta 6. Can the Agents of ACTS capture the Chesarn Nebula’s most wanted criminal before she destroys a world? Find out in this 0-2-10 origin story.


Get to know Zeta 6 in the epic short story, the story of her origin.  As the galaxy continues its battle to defeat the Unholy Trinity, the Agents of ACTS and the Confederation forces track the galaxies most wanted criminals in order find and defeat their evil masters, Queen Deceptra and The Saint of the Apocalypse.  Eight years after the Battle Between Light and Dark, the battle is ongoing and just starting to heat up.

Zeta vs Shyah Battle 1000

Join the Agents of ACTS as they help Pslyte put together a new team to lead the fight against the forces of darkness.


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