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Life as a robotics engineer was good for Aliana Correl. Waking up without her memory moments away from being recycled was bad for Zeta 6. Can the Agents of ACTS capture the Chesarn Nebula’s most wanted criminal before she destroys a world? Find out in this 0-2-10 origin story.

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Fi-Yeva (An Origin Story), the latest story in the 0-2-10 Origins series is on sale now. Order Now on Amazon. Click here for more…

New monthly renders are on the way. Get to know the E7 Universe from behind the scenes. We’re posting character renderings from upcoming books and from old favorites.
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New Images of Zeta 6

It’s a blessing that Zeta 6 continues to grow in popularity. Because of that and other reasons, we touched up a few of the Zeta 6 images. Take a look and let us know what you think: A blend of Aliana and Zeta 6. From A to Z. Zeta 6 after escaping from the recycling…

DSM Book Festival

Come visit the E7 Universe booth at the DSM Book Festival on March 25th from 1-2:30PM I was blessed to be selected as one of four local authors to present a booth at this year’s DSM Book Festival. I hope you will come out and say hi as well as buy a few books. Although…

Have a Book Club?

Does your book club like to read Christian sci-fi fantasy novels? Let us know and we will happily supply your book club with up to 10 ebook copies of The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1 (while supplies last). Over the last 10 years, our series has won…

2023 eBook Giveaways and Reviewers

Hello friends and fans of the E7Universe series of books. I hope you are doing well. Giveaways: In 2023 we are hoping to do great things. More novels, more Vella, different formats, and more. As we continue in our tenth year, we want to celebrate by giving away multiple copies of our books each month…

Celebrating 11 books in under 10 years, with lots more to come.

The book Enoch represents many things to the E7 Universe of books. It is the anchor to the Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth story, but also the beginning of so much more. It is also the largest book in all of the series, as well as being the most decorated or elaborate inside design of any of the books.

But Enoch also represents a major milestone for author Jarrod Edge. He started with a goal of 10 books in 10 years. God had graciously allowed that to happen. And Fi-Yeva (An Origin Story) becomes the 11th and precedes three 0-2-10 Novels, God willing.

We hope that Enoch, as well as all of the other books in the E7 Prophecy Universe, brings you joy, fun, and hope. We are excited to see what’s next. We are sure it will sound (hint) great!

You can order Enoch on Amazon. Click here to order…

Blessed to receive the following awards:

The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth “Series”:

  • The Spirit-Filled Fiction Award – 2022

The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1:

  • 2022 Readers’ Favorite Finalist (Young Adult – Religious Theme)
  • 2015 IAN Book of the Year Finalist

The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2:

  • 2016 New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing – Official Selection

The Art of Eten Chu (from the Acts of the Dragons series):

  • 2016 New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing – Medalist Winner

Zeta 6 (An Origin Story) (from the 0-2-10 Origins series):

  • 2020 Book of the Year Awards Finalist

“Powerful and strong Young Adult characters”
“Excellent for Young Adults and Young at Heart!”
“So much more than an action-packed sci-fi tale!”
“Suspenseful and Enjoyable Read” 
“Fascinating Christian sci-fi”
“An Excellent and Highly Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read”