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Zeta 6 joins the list of E7 Universe awards and 5 Star medalions.

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Lily and the Warrior’s Bow – Weekly Render

[Mission Briefing] Subject:  Interview with Lilylhazoraitev (Lily) Choices.  It’s all been about choices.  Not just today, but ever since I got the call.  That call that some beings want and others dread.  That call into the service of Queen Deceptra’s […]

The Call – Weekly Render

Mission Update: The validity of the following report is questionable. Call received on sector date 8071-005 GTP.  Conversation recorded as follows: “Hello?  Hello?  Is anyone there?”“Yes, this is Janah.  You have reached PEAL, the public emergency assistance line.”“Umm, I think […]

Moment of Clara Tee – Weekly Render

Mission Log: This following information was pulled from the Confederation data archive. The following render is a satellite image taken over the ice planet, D34 Minor on sector date 8076-533 GTP.  Although D34 Minor is considered to be uninhabitable, it […]

“Powerful and strong Young Adult characters”
“Excellent for Young Adults and Young at Heart!”
“So much more than an action-packed sci-fi tale!”
“Suspenseful and Enjoyable Read” 
“Fascinating Christian sci-fi”
“An Excellent and Highly Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read”