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Zeta 6 joins the list of E7 Universe awards and 5 Star medalions.

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Essmay’s Story – Weekly Render

Mission Log: The following statement was recorded and played before the Chesarn Nebula Galactic Tribunal on Sector Date: 8081-326 GTP. The witness has been verified to be an acquaintance of the being known as Essmay Ra, an inhabitant of Kamarat […]

Win Win, Raysha Squad – Weekly Render

Mission Briefing:  Winwin – Raysha Squad In these three renders, we see Tactical Commander Winwin leading an assault on Niatt 3, a lesser colony in the Niatt sector of the Chesarn Nebula.  We are unclear about the reason for the […]

The Tale of the Narravin – Weekly Render

ACTION REPORT Ship’s Registry: C4Make:  Selvian Transport VesselTransponder Code: 52c4a30b-f9c9-41c8-a5f6-38425d7a5138Origin: Colony 4-M35, Outer Rim, Chesarn NebulaStatus:  MissingLast Reported:  Nearly 13 GTP Cycles ago, (Galactic Time Pulse)Cargo: Classified The scenes rendered here capture the Agents of ACTS as they arrive on […]

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“Excellent for Young Adults and Young at Heart!”
“So much more than an action-packed sci-fi tale!”
“Suspenseful and Enjoyable Read” 
“Fascinating Christian sci-fi”
“An Excellent and Highly Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read”