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Zeta 6 Awarded as a Finalist for 2020 Book of the Year. Joins the list of E7 Universe awards and 5 Star medalions.

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Between a Sword and a Hot Place

[Mission Inquiry:  all known information on Agent Lexi Dellgato] Inquiry Results as follows:Location: Meztie Three, Sector 12Sector Date:  Not FoundSegment 12 of 15 “Santeez, another Nemoinian ale!”  He hadn’t meant it to sound like a demand, but once he saw the look that Santeez was giving him, he realized that it had.  “Sorry,” he said […]

0-2-10 Origin Stories for 2021

Here’s what we have slated for this year from the 0-2-10 Origin Stories series. Two great stories to potentially wrap up the introductions and backstories for the 0-2-10 Novel scheduled for release in 2022. Dr. Poy Sin The first is Dr. Poy Sin, a story about a caculating, destructive member of the Watch. If you’ve […]

Free Until Jan 1st – Award-winning Zeta 6

United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Austraila! Get the Award-winning novella, Zeta 6 (An Origin Story) for free unitl January 1st, 2021. You will love this book. We hope that this gift will help you, in some small way, to make it through the rest of this crazy year and through the Covid season. Enjoy, […]

Heir to the Third House

Subject: Tribunal Historical Record 58394.908 – Events following the fall of Rylose Four [Mission Briefing – Contains Audio Fragment Below] The following fragment of a conversation was recorded on Betarrus at the Halceen temple during Queen Deceptra’s occupation of the Baltray System.  The fragment was retrieved from a vessel several sectors away in the Narla […]

“Powerful and strong Young Adult characters”
“Excellent for Young Adults and Young at Heart!”
“So much more than an action-packed sci-fi tale!”
“Suspenseful and Enjoyable Read” 
“Fascinating Christian sci-fi”
“An Excellent and Highly Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read”