Jarrod L. Edge

Award-winning Author

Author Jarrod Edge

An interesting fact about YA author Jarrod L. Edge is that he never wanted to be a writer – in fact, he never enjoyed reading when he was young. But he’s always been a great storyteller and writing down all of the wonderful yarns in his head has produced ten successfully published books. His offerings often have a theme of hope and faith, as displayed in his most recent release, Enoch: The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, book three. 

Jarrod’s version of a good story is one that the reader can identify with through the human nature of its characters. He wants his own books’ young readers to glean that God loves the story character as well as the readers themselves. Jarrod hopes that young adults will carry with them, long after his book is closed, that the light can overtake the dark and that God has a plan for them, even if they can’t see it yet. 

A unique part of Jarrod’s writing process is that he listens to what he’s written through audible platforms so that he can visualize his story. He gets his ideas from the everyday – through work, watching his four children as they grow up, or listening to weekly sermons. Sometimes even one sentence he hears will resonate with him and he will incorporate it into a story. Jarrod believes that God speaks to people in different ways and for him, He speaks through people.  

Writing, for Jarrod, is a family affair. Not only does he run ideas, concepts, and stories by them, but two of his books are co-authored by his children, one of which won an award. A devoted Christian, Jarrod loves God and everything He has done for him in his life. 

When he isn’t writing inspiring and thought-provoking science-fiction Christian fiction for young adults, Jarrod loves creating 3D graphics and music, writing short stories, and spending time with his family. He is the Director of SharePoint Services for a company in Des Moines, Iowa, and serves at his church, Lutheran Church of Hope in Waukee, where he currently resides.