The Agents of ACTS – Series

The Agents of ACTS (Advanced Counter Trafficking Strikeforce) is an elite group, blended from members of the military, special services, and agents from around the world.  First introduced in the book, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2, the group, which is officially a section of the United States Government under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was commissioned by the President of the United States with the backing of the United Nations to lead the fight against human trafficking.


There are twelve specific members of ACTS, not including Johnathan Sette, his children or his partner Rick Martinez.  However, the aforementioned individuals are officially members of ACTS.  The Dragons, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Matthew, and Jacob, were made official agents of the FBI and of ACTS by the President of the United States on July 14, 2009, after the EJK International Airport incident.  Johnathan and Rick Martinez, who were already FBI at the time, were selected to lead the team.

The twelve members, eleven of which were actually chosen by Elizabeth Sette, are:

  • Madison Sheppard – Director
  • Michael Sergeant – United States Marine Corp
  • Billy Snypes – United States Army – Sniper
  • Willy Snypes – United States Army – Sniper
  • Chris Sands – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • James Lee – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Jefferson Cromwell – United States Navy
  • Luke Richards – United States Secret Service
  • Miles Bridges – United States Air Force – Pilot
  • Mira Daniels – Israeli Mossad
  • Tatiana Novichov – Russian Navy
  • Tony Walker (Saber) – United States Navy SEALs

The series, The Agents of ACTS, picks up at the end of The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2 and takes the expanding team on an extraterrestrial mission.