#1 New Release on Amazon

It’s always super awesome to get a good review or to have someone send you an email saying that your work, in this case a book, was a blessing to them.  In the short number of years that I’ve been writing fiction books, I’ve been blessed to reach many of the small goals that I’ve set for myself.  Things like:

  • Write a book (done)
  • Have someone actually read the book (done)
  • Have someone actually like the book (done)
  • Have someone I don’t know like the book (done)
  • Have someone review the book (done)
  • Have someone leave a 5-star review (done)
  • Have someone in another country give a 5-star review (done)
  • Hit the top 10 list (done)
  • Write a book with one of my kids (done)
  • Win an award / become an award-winning author (done)
  • Have the #1 New Release icon show up one of my books (done)
  • Be #1 in a category
  • Become a Best-selling author
  • Release an audio version a book (with sound effects and everything!)
  • Have one of my series made into a cartoon/animated series
  • Have a book made into a movie

A few days ago, this happened.  #1 New Release icon showed up for Battle in the Park!Number 1

Truthfully, if none of those things happened, I’d still be perfectly happy.  The fact is, God gave me this movie, this universe of stories and I’m just writing it down.  The movie is already in my head and I’m just sharing it in pieces with everyone else.  The cartoon has already been made, I share it with Kari, my daughter all the time.  We talk for hours about it.  The audio version will come this year and it will definitely have sound effects.  And almost everyone who reads one of the 7 books, says good things about it.  Almost.

The E7 Prophecy Universe is huge.  It encompasses four separate series, so far.  And it’s amazing how it all connects together.  What’s stranger is that the way it connects just seems to make sense.  I couldn’t have done any of it without God’s awesome grace.

Get to know the characters of the E7 Prophecy Universe.  Read one or more the books.  If they don’t do anything else for you, they will remind you that God loves you.  Then after you read one, let me know what you think.