But wait there’s more!

2020 is clearly a big year for the E7 Universe.  When this journey started with The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth (The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1) there was a dream of ten books in ten years.  The first E7 Universe book was released in 2013 and I’m excited that there have been nine books released so far (not including “The New York Collection”).  What a blessing!

In 2020, Enoch, the third book in the main series, will be released.  This will be our tenth book and will be yet another milestone for the E7 Universe of books.  Following that, there are multiple releases planned for the Acts of the Dragons series as well as the 0-2-10 Origin Story series.  Here’s what we’d like to see for next year:

  • Enoch (Jan-Feb)
  • Fi-Yeva, An Origin Story (0-2-10 Origin Story Series)  (Apr-May)
  • Jade Yu – Acts of the Dragons Series (Jun-July)
  • Dr. Poy Sin, An Origin Story (0-2-10 Origin Story Series) (Oct-Nov)

Get caught up on the other books in these series and get ready for an awesome 2020!