5-Stars from Reader’s Favorite for Treyah (An Origin Story)

5-Stars from Reader’s Favorite for Treyah (An Origin Story). Read the full review at ReadersFavorite.com: https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/treyah

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

Treyah: An Origin Story (0-2-10 Origins Book 2), by award-winning author Jarrod L. Edge, is a compelling Christian fantasy/sci-fi origin story of the 0-2-10 characters. This backstory will prep you for his book, Zero. In Treyah, we have the intriguing tale of the title character, a young boy wanting to recoup his losses. He’s caught between two worlds in the Chesarn Nebula, and one is on the verge of being attacked by war. The other could be wiped out of existence, thanks to the shadowy powers that wreak havoc. An old E7 prophecy may be the key, but can its mystery be unlocked? And will the Confederation and the ACTS agents of Earth be able to restrain the enemy?

Edge creates a foundation for his established and new fans alike so that they have a working knowledge of the 0-2-10 series and are entertained at the same time. The prologue hints at war and things to come, the titles of the chapters explain the content without giving too much away, and the descriptions of the celebration and great warrior Yakhan are both vivid and powerful. Though people want to worship her, she directs them to worship the true God instead. Though the author’s narrative is about war, it’s balanced by themes of love, faith in God in the face of adversity and confusion, and trusting Him to work out His plan. Edge wastes no time getting into the conflicts, and the strong dialogue between the characters moves the story along at an even pace. His succinct descriptions of characters, events, and motivations familiarize readers with all that is unfolding and what will unfold in 0-2-10, but it is intriguing enough to work as a standalone piece as well.

Edge brings you up close and personal with the worlds he describes, what their people are like, and what their goals are. One such goal is to “Protect those who cannot protect themselves!” And The Unholy Trinity is a menace. You’ll find tension, action, and interesting characters and relationships that you can latch onto and follow for some time to come, especially Treyah, and the one-of-a-kind robot he created, Echo. I especially like his relationship with his parents and the technology and customs he has created. Edge is clearly talented at world-building, character development, and plot execution. Overall, this is a fascinating beginning to his series. Treyah: An Origin Story (0-2-10 Origins Book 2) by Jarrod L. Edge is like Star Trek with a Christian angle.