ENOCH – Readers’ Favorite Review

Happy to see this Readers’ Favorite 5-star review for ENOCH. What a continued blessing.

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Enoch is a work of fiction in the fantasy, science fiction, and Christian fiction subgenres, and was penned by author Jarrod L. Edge. It is intended for the general reading audience and is the third novel of The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth book series. Following the epic two-part adventure of The Battle Between Light and Dark, this high concept and intriguing fantasy tale asks us to bend our minds around the concept of time itself as the action continues. We find ourselves exploring a fragile Earth that has managed to survive a devastating assault, where all manner of strange creatures and foul enemies await.

Fans of author Jarrod L. Edge’s E7 universe are sure to be hungry for more from a series filled with surprises, and this new, epic-length story will certainly not disappoint them. One of the features which I found particularly impressive about this piece was the confidence that the author has in their worldbuilding and the internal logic of the work, which interweaves Christian morality and messages with a highly inventive fantasy and science fiction universe, including everything from intergalactic foes to mythical creatures from times long past. The descriptive passages which set the scene and portray the action were described with dynamism and wonderful word choice that gives those moments a really cinematic quality and makes them easy for readers of all ages to imagine what’s going on. Overall, I would highly recommend Enoch to fans of the existing series, and Jarrod L. Edge as a fresh and original author who knows how to bring excitement to every chapter.


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