Zero to Ten (0 – 2 – 10) – Series

The intergalactic journey begins in 2018 with the release of several “Origin Stories” featuring most of the Zero to Ten characters.  Officially the Origin Stories belong to the 0-2-10 Series, but many of them feature the Agents of ACTS and/or the Dragons Sette.  In addition to these stories, you can also find origins hidden in the Acts of the Dragons Series.

The first book of the Zero to Ten series will release in 2019.  No official release date has been set yet but we are very excited about this series.

Keep an eye on the Acts of the Dragons series for Zero and other characters from this series.  They may be popping up here and there!

Get To Know The Characters First

Here are the first few books in the 0-2-10 ORIGINS Series.  (The Pre-Series for 0-2-10)