An Excellent and Highly ​​Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read

An Excellent and Highly ​​Recommend Sci-fi Christian Read​

I was intrigued by the words Christian Fiction so I took a second look at this book. I then read the book description and reviews and decided this was definitely a buy. I will say now- it was worth every cent.

If you like suspenseful reads, you’ll like this book. The story centers around an FBI agent and his family. A suspenseful turn of events unfolds and the agent’s youngest child, a newborn, is abducted. The kidnapper obviously knew the security camera layout as the only photographic lead they have is a fuzzy partial shot from the back.

We feel the agent’s frustration as well as his personal anguish as he searches for his missing child. As I read I got the feeling, due to several things that occurred, that something was simmering just below the surface. I had to hold myself back from skipping ahead in the book.

Adding to the story is the addition of martial arts as the agent smartly decides to teach his children how to protect themselves. This schooling is spread strategically throughout the story and fits into the plot seamlessly.

There is a consistent feed of crucial information throughout the story regarding the abducted baby but I don’t reveal spoilers. When you read this book, I think you’ll see the value of the information about the abducted baby.

I’m intentionally leaving out pertinent information but I think you’ll thank me later for doing so. This story really drew me in and later when things were revealed I had chills as I read the parts.

I didn’t realize this until later but despite an abduction, a foiled robbery attempt (no spoilers you’ll get to that part soon enough when you read this book) and a lot of action – I don’t recall seeing one swear word which – well, was refreshing.

All in all, this was a beyond excellent read and I highly recommend it. Source: Amazon