Johnathan Sette – from the E7 Prophecy

Special Agent Johnathan Sette, FBI

We follow the story of this father of four during the timeline of The Battle
Between Light and Dark, Book 1 and Book 2.  Johnathan is a Christian and raises his children as such.  As a father, he is loved by his children.  As an agent, he is a fearless and wise leader.
Johnathan is a thinker and a doer.  He has an impressive set of skills.  Thanks to the Seven Dragons family, who teach him and his children the Art of the Seven Dragons, he is able to pursue and take on a major crime organization called the Syndicate.  All the while, believing on God to assist him in his battle.
Each book in the series gives us more insight into this outstanding character.
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Did You Know?
Did you know that Johnathan Sette grew up in South Dakota, near the Badlands National Park?
Or that he once jumped off of a cliff and into the ocean in order to save a child?