Meet Matthew and Jacob Sette

Meet Jacob and Matthew Sette.  Sons of Johnathan and Samantha Sette.  Brothers of Rebecca and Elizabeth Sette.  Part of the Dragons Sette.

They are two of the smartest individuals you could know.  Both are skilled in ancient forms of martial arts, The Art of the Seven Dragons.  At an early age, they learned multiple languages as well as several programming languages.  They consider themselves amateur cryptologist and love breaking codes in their favorite magazine, Cypher.

The twins are also part of the Agents of ACTS.  They were personally commissioned by the President of the United States, as FBI agents, while they were still in their early teens.

You can follow Jacob and Matthew in all of the Acts of the Dragons stories as well as the Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1 and 2.  And you won’t want to miss them in Book 3 of the Prophecy of the Seven Elizabeth series, ENOCH.

Below is a scene from the book ENOCH.  Matthew and Jacob are in their late teens.