Elizabeth Sette

Elizabeth Sette (aka, The Chosen One)

The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth is not just a story about a child taken from her parents.  Nor is it a story about how that family goes about trying to get her back.  It’s much more than an “action-packed thrill ride.”
It’s the story of a child who fully believes every word of the Bible.  Who was raised and guided by people who believed the same.  That strong, never doubting belief allows her to channel, or physically manifest “powers” that are supernatural in origin.
The story of Elizabeth Sette, a beautiful, God-loving, evil-fighting, intelligent, insightful, young lady, is an action-packed thrill ride about faith, heart, conviction, and love.
Elizabeth, of course, is not perfect.  In fact, she is sometimes just as out of control as any ordinary seven-year-old or fourteen-year-old girl.  But she is strong, full of faith, and does not hesitate in the face of the enemy.  The series explores how Elizabeth and her siblings interact with the world and how God chooses to use them to help, guide, or save those that they come in contact with.4Dragons
We hope you enjoy reading about this awesome, strong, and inspiring young character.

Did you know?

At age 7, Elizabeth was taller than the average 12-year-old girl.  In fact, she and her siblings are much taller than others their ages.  You will often hear people say, “What are you feeding them?”

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