Coming Soon / It’s About Time!

Happy to announce the long-awaited paperback version of the first 4 Acts of the Dragons installments.  The four short stories are being released under one title, “The New York Collection

NewYorkCollectionFrontCover1000This paperback version includes the Award-Winning book, The Art of Eten Chu by Authors Isabella Edge and Jarrod Edge as well as the two follow-up episodes written by Jarrod.  Eten Chu was a collaboration between the two authors that led to Isabella becoming an Award Winning Author at age 10 and there is more to come.

The collection is titled “The New York Collection” as all of the stories take place in New York City.  In these four books, we join Elizabeth Sette and her siblings as the start on their journey as “The Dragons”.  The four start to understand their role in the Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth as they stumble into mystery after mystery in New York.

Along the way, they form friendships with several kids from the surrounding neighborhoods.  These friends help them as they unfold several mysteries and adventures as well as battle some of New York City’s worst.

If you’ve followed any of The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth series, you’ll already know that there are several story arcs that are introduced in the Acts of the Dragons series.  That is definitely true in these four short stories.  Keep your eyes open for character intros from other Acts of the Dragons books and for origin stories for books from the Zero To Ten series.  Don’t forget, “Many Series, One Universe!”

Most notable, however, is the introduction of the Jade Yu storyline.  “Jade Yu, the Twice Named Jewel” is currently scheduled to release at the end of 2018.  The New York Collection intertwines with the Jade Yu and Niro story arc as does the rest of the Acts of the Dragons series.  There’s a lot going on here and a long way to go yet.  So hang, the ride is bumpy!