About Book 1

The Prophecy of the Seven Elizabeth, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1 was released in 2013 and was awarded as a finalist for Book of the Year by the Independent Authors Network in 2015.  As Jarrod’s first novel, it has received five-star reviews in multiple countries and spends much of its time in the top 1000 in sales in its category on Amazon.

Take a look at some of the comments:

“I will not lie… I could not put this book down! I literally read this in between calls at work, in three days. 3 DAYSSS! I love the faith, the heart, the love and so much more, that is portrayed on every page of this book. I highly recommend this book. It seems as it would be amazing for readers of all ages”  -Source: Amazon

“This book was so much more than an action-packed sci-fi tale! It’s full of spiritual depths and truths and even intrigue.” -Source: Amazon

“I was thoroughly surprised by the plot.” -Source: Amazon

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