About Book 2

e7_book2The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizebeth, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2 has been called an “excellent” followup to Book 1 by many.  The book chronicles the second seven years of the Chosen One’s life and is also known to be the launch point for almost all of the other books in the E7 Universe.  Out of this book comes:

  • The Acts of the Dragons Series of books which is also the launch point for the 0-2-10 series and its accompanying Origin Story series.  Here you also find the first mention of Pslyte and Quate as well as Sevven, Zero, L5X5, and more E7 Universe characters.
  • The first mention of Jade Yu and Niro who are tied to the Acts of the Dragon’s story arc.   Look for Jade Yu, the Twice Named Jewel during 2020.
  • The Agents of ACTS and the series of books to come.
  • and of course Enoch, which is book 3 in the main series.

Pay attention to all of the references to Enoch and the 15th year of the prophecy while you are reading book 2.  As always, every character and every chapter is important.

Catch up or re-read Book 2 now as Book 3, Enoch approaches!