There’s no way that can happen!

A quote from Elizabeth Sette during a television interview:

The question was:  “How is it you possess such great powers?  How is it you can command the air and it listens to you and how is it that you can break the laws of physics?”

With a smile, Elizabeth answered:  “If we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains,” she said.  “I—we [her family] are no more special than anyone else.  We are who we are by the Grace of God.  We believe, with all our hearts, everything that comes from the Word of God and that all things are possible.  I have never doubted it and will never doubt it.  God has given us all that we need in order to fulfill His purpose for us.  If that purpose means that we’ll need to command the air, then physics will not stand in our way.”

I thought this was interesting.  There are two types of E7 Universe readers.  Those who read the book in 3-5 days and those that start, then stop, then pick it back up and finish.  From the latter group, one of the things that these E7 Universe readers confess to me is that as they read, their minds couldn’t grasp or perhaps couldn’t accept that a seven or fourteen-year-old girl could do the things that Elizabeth and her family could do.  Things like climb through the air or win a battle when vastly outnumbered by the enemy.

Then at some point, they remember two things.  First, the books are fiction.  This is funny because they were so wrapped in the story that they forgot that the story was fiction.  I laugh every time someone says that to me.  Second, and most importantly, they say that they came to understand and realize that Elizabeth isn’t doing these things on her own.  That, as she says in the interview, God gives her everything she needs to complete her mission.  That it’s a God thing and not an Elizabeth thing.

It’s funny because we can believe that Spiderman can climb walls, that Bruce can turn into a big green Hulk, that Rocket can fix almost anything (not to mention that Rocket exists!), and that Superman…well you get the point.  But our minds can pause when we say that Elizabeth can dodge a bullet and easily take down six men twice her size.

It’s not like it would be the first time God did something awesome.  If He can give a man a staff and have him separate a body of water, or if He can cause a wall to fall just by having people walk around it, or if His apostles can heal the sick, or if He can…well you get the point.  If he can do all of the things in the Bible, certainly He is able to wave the laws of physics for Elizabeth or go before her into battle.

So, in a conversation with a reader, this was said:  “I sing this song in church and whenever I hear it on the radio, by Chris Tomlin, “And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?” When I was reading The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, I found myself thinking: How is that possible?  and at that moment, it hit me.  Who would be able to stand against Elizabeth if God is on her side?  It made me think about the way that I handle life.  God takes this imperfect girl, Elizabeth, and her imperfect family and gives them the Grace of wisdom and understanding.  They take Him at His word and just believe.  And through that, they do great things.”

These books, from the E7 Universe, are fiction.  They are science fiction stories.  But somewhere under the action and adventure, tucked away in the mystery, and hidden behind the laughter, the words are somehow making people think about bigger things.  As an author, that’s more than I could have hoped for.