2020 Book of the Year Finalist

So proud to announce that Zeta 6 (An Origin Story), from the series 0-2-10, was awarded as a Finalist in the IAN 2020 Book of the Year event. This makes the second time this year that Zeta 6 has been recognized. We are very excited about this.

So far, four E7 Universe books have won awards. Two as finalist, The Battle Between Light and Dark – Book 1 and Zeta 6. One as an Official Selection, The Battle Between Light and Dark – Book 2. And one as a Medalist Winner, The Art of Eten Chu. All four books are available at Amazon.

The timing for this award couldn’t be better as we are getting ready to release the next novel from the E7 Universe of books, named Enoch. Enoch is Book 3 in the original series.

A big thanks to everyone who reads our books and an even bigger thanks to God for his awesome Grace. Be blessed!