Heir to the Third House

Subject: Tribunal Historical Record 58394.908 – Events following the fall of Rylose Four

[Mission Briefing – Contains Audio Fragment Below]

The following fragment of a conversation was recorded on Betarrus at the Halceen temple during Queen Deceptra’s occupation of the Baltray System.  The fragment was retrieved from a vessel several sectors away in the Narla System.  The vessel, an abandoned Rayapod class ship, had its registration wiped clean.  Its onboard computers were heavily damaged, as was the rest of the ship.  The recording fragment was added to the official THR nearly three cycles after the end of Tribunal 58394.  It was rated as having no significant influence on the outcome of the Tribunal.

The fragment was in the form of a damaged holo-vid, which accompanies this report.  Although the holo-vid contains audio and video, there were only four recorded video positions retrieved.  In addition to this, the video only captures one instance in time.  No other visual data was retrieved. 

Position one displays a female who, at one point during the conversation, refers to herself as Klay.  Klay appears to be humanoid, well dressed, and well cared for.  From the image, there didn’t appear to be any signs of distress or abuse.  For example, she wore makeup, lip coloring, color above her eyes, etc.  She is wearing an ear decoration, a white circle of beads.  There are also circles, various sizes, on her jacket.  These symbols likely represent her homeworld, Rylose Four.  Klay’s hair was also white, although not her natural hair color.  Perhaps this was also an effort to represent her homeworld or possibly only a fashion statement.  The recording did not mention it either way.  The expression on her face, however, reveals her concern or possibly her surprise.  This was consistent with the tone of the conversation.

Position two in the holo-vid shows something unexpected.  It was clear that Klay, being on Betarrus during Queen Deceptra’s occupation, meant that she was likely a prisoner.  It was generally thought that Klay was captured by Queen Deceptra’s Legion in orbit of Rylose Four.  This would have been several days prior to the recording.  At the time, there were reports of Legion vessels having intercepted several local transport ships and boarded them.  Those ships were later released, but some reports stated that passengers were missing on multiple ships.  So, seeing a squad of Legion soldiers standing behind Klay would have, under these circumstances, been expected.  However, the image shows that the Legion soldiers had their weapons active but holstered.  Oddest of all, they have their hands in the air.

The squad leader, the forward most Legion soldier in the image, has active eye ports.  This either meant that the squad leader was talking to her squad, or the squad leader was the one that initiated this recording.  This would account for the slight discoloration of Klay’s right ear.  If the squad leader’s helmet was the source of the recording, then it would have needed to extrapolate all items outside of its line of sight.  To do this, it would have used a type of echolocation, similar to aquatic lifeforms.  The other images also support this theory. 

In addition to this, from the looks of the other two Legion soldiers, the leader was either issuing an order at the time or trying to figure out what was going on.  Note the slight tilt of the squad leader’s head and the position of the two guard’s helmets.  They are looking at the leader as if awaiting an order and are not watching what we presume is their prisoner.

(Note: Holo-vid recorders attached to Legion Soldiers helmets are quite advanced.  A holo-vid recorded from such a helmet would average 30 or so positions or angles; there were only four in this case.  That likely means that the storage device was limited in size or the recording was tampered with or, as previously stated, was corrupt.)

It was position three that shed the most light on the scene.  First, it shows the presence of a Parruvian.  A tall blue-skinned being from a planet near the outer rim named Parruva.  Members of that race have very large craniums, and some have the ability to project short term suggestions into the minds of other, non-telepathic species.  It is not especially hard to block out their suggestions if you see them coming and if you understand what is happening.  But if one can catch you off guard and unsuspecting, the outcome can be what is seen here in the holo-vid.  The problem here is that this Parruvian isn’t just any.  This was Belsaas.  A wanted criminal.  A high-end thief who is known for killing anyone that gets in the way of his objective.

It didn’t take much to identify Belsaas.  He’s the only known Parruvian with a state-of-the-art artificial arm.  Belsaas likely caught the Legion soldiers and Klay off guard.  Judging from the red lights on the soldier’s weapons, they had drawn them, activated the weapons, and then had returned them to their holsters without deactivating them.  Obviously, not standard practice.  Probably a suggestion from Belsaas, just as he also would have suggested that they put their hands up.  Our guess is that the soldiers were still able to communicate and that the leader was able to activate the helmet recorder.

Position three also reveals two additional facts.  First, Klay does not have her hands up.  In fact, it appears that she’s ready to fight.  Her left hand is making a fist, and her stance seems to be rigid as if she’s about to make a stand.  But it’s the second revelation that is most disturbing.  Belsaas is holding a sacred artifact belonging to the people of Rylose Four.  An axe believed to be as old as the race itself.  A weapon thought to belong to an ancient warrior named Yakhan.

The odd thing about this was that no being outside of the royal bloodline has ever been able to touch the weapon.  Those who have, regardless of their intent, have all perished.  For that reason, the artifact has been kept secure and isolated on Rylose Four for generations.  The question is, how did a murderous thief such as Belsaas obtain the weapon?  Position four gives another view to consider.  From this view, it appears that Klay and Belsaas are having a conversation.  This is confirmed by the visibility of Belsaas’ teeth.  A Parruvian only bares his teeth when communicating or when they are about to eat.  Although we don’t know how long the actual conversation was, we know it was at least 25100 ticks long.  This is the only audio retrieved from the holo-vid. 

Note: Click the play button to hear the translated audio file

Translated Captured Audio from Halceen Temple on Batarrus – GTP Unknown – Official THR 58394.908

Since the Tribunal has already determined that it was a member of the royal family that betrayed the planet and allowed Queen Deceptra’s forces to gain access to the systems security grid, it is clear that Klay was not a part of this plan.  That individual was her uncle, who, in an attempt to seize power, made a deal with Queen Deceptra, a position as the new Sector Regent in exchange for the artifact, Yakhan’s Axe.  It was he that had the royal family assassinated.  He had not planned on Klay being off the planet at the time.  When the deal fell through, that is, when Belsaas stole the artifact, Klay’s uncle had nothing to deliver and was summarily executed in public by Queen Deceptra’s ranking member.  This strongly suggests that Belsaas was not working with Klay’s uncle. 

Although Klay and Belsaas’ whereabouts are currently unknown, it is believed that Yakhan’s Axe was used to free the system from Deceptra’s grip.  There are multiple stories and sightings in which a female matching Klay’s description, accompanied by a Parruvian with an artificial arm, were seen attacking key strongholds held by Legion troops.  The female was wielding an axe with unimaginable power.


Rendered by Jarrod L. Edge using Daz3d Studio
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