Mech Thief – Weekly Render

Top Secret Alpha Lake Mech Facility Breached

Mission Report

The image above shows the suspect, tentatively identified as Killacorttet. Killacorttet is wanted in six systems for the alleged theft of multiple Legion mechs. Deceptra’s Legion has released a capture and detain order to all Legion outpost.

Our analyst have studied the crime scene holo-images and theorized that the thief may have flooded the facility to disable its security system. As you can see from the image above, the thief is walking through a flooded warehouse. Experts say that Legion mechs, as used by Raysha Squad and other elite units within Queen Deceptra’s forces, are not normally stored in wet facilities, although they could withstand those conditions.

Investigators also say that the thief may have enter through the roof of the facility. As seen in the image above, there is light entering the facility. In addition to this, the thief seems to be wearing an Adaptive Mech Interface Suit or AMIS. This is different from those suits worn by members of Raysha Squad and likely not as advanced. However, it is worth noting that the thief also has a neural interface and a breathing apparatus. As you can almost see from the camera attached to the underside of one of the mechs, the neural interface is attached to multiple points of the thief’s cranium.

The Regional Legion Headquarters has issued a reward for any news leading to the capture of Killacorttet.

All images rendered by Jarrod L. Edge using Daz3d Studio