Dr. Poy Sin (An Origin Story) – Releasing August 2021

Misunderstood or pure evil?  

Ignoring a warrant issued by the Confederation, Senior Inquisitor Jonsta Cabreesie and his partner, Rosal, attempt to determine the truth during the interrogation of Dr. Poy Sin, who is suspected of crimes against the Triani and the attempted genocide and near extinction of their race.  As the Confederation and the Agents of ACTS continue their search for the Ten, they find new leads related to Dr. Poy Sin, Zeta 6, and their associates.  As the hunt continues, the Agents of ACTS are ready to release their new secret weapon.

This story picks up where Treyah (An Origin Story) ends, and the award-winning Zeta 6 (An Origin Story) begins.

Discover the origins of the characters from the series 0-2-10, leading up to the release of the book Zero from award-winning author Jarrod L. Edge.

Coming August 2021

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