Level 23…Complete!

The story of Commander Shyah is an interesting one. Her character’s story is told over many books. So, to get the entire story, you must read the online weekly renders – “Lily and the Warrior’s Bow”, the award-winning Zeta 6 (An Origin Story), the new 0-2-10 Origin story, Dr. Poy Sin (releasing August 31), and other upcoming books including the long awaited third book in the Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth series named Enoch (releasing in November!).

Another major part of her story will be release in the next book in the 0-2-10 series titled Fi-Yeva (An Origin Story). Fi-Yeva also appears in Zeta 6 (An Origin Story), just in case you forgot.

Don’t miss this next chapter as you piece Commander Shyah’s full story together. Here’s a sneak peak image from the upcoming book Dr. Poy Sin (An Origin Story).