New Cover – Book 1

Stay tuned, it’s about to get real!

With the upcoming releases of Dr. Poy Sin and ENOCH, we will be celebrating our goal of 10 books in 10 years. Dr. Poy Sin will release in a few days (August 31). ENOCH, (Book 3 from the Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth), will release in November, less than 10 years after the release of The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1. So, we’ve decided to make an updated version of the cover for Book 1 and Book 2, leading up to the release of Book 3.

The new covers will release during the months of August and September. Then we will release a sneak peek at the ENOCH cover in late September.

You can purchase the award-winning book, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 1, with the new cover, on Amazon.