5 Stars for Dr. Poy Sin

This one is going to be Big!

Even before it’s official release, Dr. Poy Sin (An Origin Story) has received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite

Dr. Poy Sin: An Origin Story by award-winning Jarrod L. Edge (with contributions from his daughter Kari) is an entertaining Christian sci-fi/fantasy novel from the 0-2-10 Series, sandwiched between the end of origin story “Treyah” and the beginning of the origin story “Zeta 6”. This is an intriguing tale that explores the nature of evil and a better future/eternity.

For a book that will take you away to discover new worlds, ideas, and characters, or give you origin stories of the people you already know and like, you can’t go wrong with this one. Treat your imagination to Dr. Poy Sin by Jarrod L. Edge.

Read the entire review here on the Reader’s Favorite website: https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/dr-poy-sin