Kirkus Review of The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth

Kirkus Review (KirkusReview

The first book in a fantasy series about a Christian family battling the forces of darkness.

In approximately 100 A.D. in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, the aged Apostle John shares a secret prophecy with his young caretaker about “an evil not born of this world,” intent on coming to Earth and destroying the forces of light. He also tells of a chosen one who would arise to “stand for all mankind.” In 1999 Florida, a pregnant woman survives a car crash just long enough to give birth. The child’s father, FBI agent Johnathan Sette, is still unconscious in the hospital when a mysterious stranger abducts the newborn baby. This sparks a search that takes up a good portion of Edge’s novel, as forces of light and darkness align around the little girl, who’s the embodiment of the Apostle John’s prophecy. Agent Sette immediately suspects an international crime cartel, the Syndicate, of kidnapping his daughter, but there are even more malevolent and otherworldly forces at work under the control of a being called the Destroyer. In order to protect his other children, Sette insists that they be extensively trained in martial arts by the super-adept Seven Dragons family. Edge handles these disparate plot strands with considerable ease, and he shows a cinematic flair in standout scenes: There are enough car crashes, fight sequences and tense standoffs to satisfy any thriller reader. The story is suffused with an uncompromising but never preachy Christian ethos, in a rare instance of religious fiction that can be readily enjoyed by a wider audience. Edge maintains a fast pace, but cuts the mood frequently with humor and pathos. Minor, annoying formatting problems, such as a copyright notice at the bottom of every page, only slightly distract from this accomplished first novel.

A well-done first installment in a promising Christian-themed action series.