Michael Sergeant – Defacto leader (in-field) of the Agents of ACTS.  Sergeant is a Marine Corp officer, selected to be one of the original twelve agents of ACTS.  ACTS, the Advanced Counter Trafficking Strickforce, is an elite group of heros, blended from members of the military, special services, and agents from around the world.

Sergeant is known for being able to walk into an impossible situation, solve the problem, and live to walk back out.  He first appears in book 2 of The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth, the Battle Between Light and Dark, where the Agents of ACTS were commissioned by the President of the United States.  He also appears in several of the Acts of the Dragons books.

Sergeant in Japan

You can actually follow his rise in rank if you closely pay attention to the Timeline of the E7Prophecy Universe.  Look for Sergeant and the other Agents of ACTS in their own series, the Agents of ACTS.