0-2-10 Origin Stories for 2021

Here’s what we have slated for this year from the 0-2-10 Origin Stories series. Two great stories to potentially wrap up the introductions and backstories for the 0-2-10 Novel scheduled for release in 2022.

Dr. Poy Sin

The first is Dr. Poy Sin, a story about a caculating, destructive member of the Watch. If you’ve already read the award winning Zeta 6 story and Treyah, you’ve already seen a few of the diviant members of the Watch. Dr. Poy Sin’s back story gives us another look at the Saint of the Apocolypse and his hold over key members of his elite team. Dr. Poy Sin was also mentioned in the Treyah origin story. He was named, by the Death Commander, as the creator of a dangerous, gene targeting bio weapon. The story picks up where Treyah’s origin story leaves off, with the tribunal hearing of the Death Commander.


The second origin story releasing this year will be about Fi-Yeva. This story chronicles the tale of the Narravin and not only involves the Agents of ACTS, but also involves members of Raysha Squad. If you follow the short stories and weekly renders on the e7prophecy.com site, you have been introduced to members of Raysha Squad, Queen Deceptra’s elite force. The short stories also introduce Iris, the Raysha Hunter. If you haven’t been following, now is the time to catch up. On the site, you will also find a short story titled, The Tale of the Narravin. The ship, the Narravin, is also refereneced in the Treyah origin story. Internally, we are already referring to Fi-Yeva as one of the funniest stories in all of the E7Universe series.

Also coming this year:

  • Enoch from the series “The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth”
  • Jade Yu, from the series “The Acts of the Dragons” (Hopefully! As you know, this book is long overdue!)

Also, we are working on our first Audible book. Stay tuned for more!