Queen Deceptra

Although there are many, and I mean many, villans within the pages of the E7Prophecy Universe of books, there are three that are the overarching “universe-wide” bad guys.  They are referred to as the Unholy Trinity.  The three are the children of all that is evil and the names they have chosen for themselves are The Destroyer of Worlds, The Saint of the Apocolypse, and Queen Deceptra.

While speaking with her sibling, Queen Deceptra had this to say in the book Treyah: An Origin Story:

“The Destroyer of Worlds used fear as a weapon…much like your way is corruption and mine is deceit.”

The three come to kill, steal, and destroy and each has a plan to concur Earth, the Chesarn Nebula, or other regions of the E7Universe.  Follow their stories in the Zero To Ten series as well as other series in the E7Universe of books.