Iris the Hunter – Weekly Render

This weeks “Weekly Render” is Iris the Hunter!

Iris the Hunter – Created and Rendered by Jarrod L. Edge

Title:  Iris the Hunter
Book Series: 0-2-10
Scene Story:

In this render, we see Iris, an outer rim hunter with a straight forward mission.  Get her people back! 

Her story takes place in the Chesarn Nebula (located in the Andromeda Galaxy), where a large portion of the 0-2-10 Series is based, those portions that are not located on Earth.  Iris’s people were forced into servitude by Queen Deceptra and her Legion.  Deceptra is part of the Unholy Trinity and the daughter of all that is evil.

Although she doesn’t look it, Iris is several hundred years old.  She was once the protector of the Tollarian people until they turned on her and trapped her in a cryo-stasis chamber on Tollarus Three.  Eventually, she was forgotten by her people and remained in a tomb for hundreds of years.  Upon conquering the Tollarus system, Queen Deceptra became aware of the legend of Iris The Protector.  Deceptra sent a team of archeologists, along with a battalion of Legion troops, to search for a device rumored to be used by Iris, the Sabuk Cahaya.  A belt of light thought to have been formerly owned by the warrior named Yakhan.   The Sabuk Cahaya allowed its bearer access to an intricate arsenal of weapons.  With you at all times, and unseen by all others.  This could essentially allow the wearer of the belt to walk through any security check in the universe, all while bringing along a weapons cache larger than that of most armies.

Eventually, the team of archeologists found the cryo-stasis chamber.  The lead archeologist, Jamus Forat, a Bruaquatti scientist and slave to Queen Deceptra, attempted to free Iris from eternal sleep.  However, he was caught, turned in to the Legion Commander, and was subsequently executed.  Before his capture, Jamus was able to send an encrypted message to the Psyclarion homeworld and the Confederation forces.  The Confederation is a collective of worlds aligned to halt the advance of Queen Deceptra and her Legion.

At the time, all Confederation ships were otherwise occupied.  Besides, Tollarus Three was deep in a territory heavily occupied by Deceptra’s forces.  So, instead, they commissioned a smaller team.  The Agents of ACTS were given the task of freeing Iris, which they did with ease.  That story is told by many in the sectors surrounding Tollarus Three.  How a team of five heroes, the number changes based on who is telling the story, took out three of the Legion’s midsized cruisers in orbit of Tollarus Three.  How they freed the Tollarus legend, Iris the Protector.

It took approximately a year (a galactic cycle based on the GTP) for Iris to fully recover from her time in stasis.  During that time, she trained side-by-side with the Agents of ACTS and a secret squad that she once heard referred to as “The Ten.”  She didn’t quite know what that meant, but she recognized that the team was skilled.  Near the end of her stay, Iris participated in a few ACTS missions with a young lady approximately her age.  Long ago, she had heard tales of the ones they called the War Commanders, Commander Shyah being one of the two.  The sisters, Shyah and Armas, were over seven hundred years old and, for a time, served the evil being known as the Destroyer, brother of Queen Deceptra.  But the galaxy had certainly changed while Iris was asleep.  The War Commanders no longer served evil.  In fact, the Destroyer had not been seen for some time.  Something to do with a battle between light and dark, with someone they refer to as the Chosen One.

Although Iris still crosses paths, from time to time, with members of the Agents of ACTS, she came to realize that their battle, although similar to hers, was not her battle.  She understood that the Lord of All had not brought her back to life to fight beside ACTS.  Not in this season of her life.  Her mission had always been to protect her people.  To free them from their bonds.  To regain her home for her people.  So, although her people turned on her in the past, she would not abandon them now.  She loved them.  She was dedicated to them.  They were part of her and would always be so. 

In this render, we see Iris just after activating the Sabuk Cahaya, reaching into a void, and pulling out two twin katana swords.  These were gifts from a member of the Agent of ACTS named Mira.  Now returned to Tollarus Three, Iris finds a processing center in the capital city of Junia and confronts the Legion soldiers stationed there.  It is here that she starts her battle to free her people.  Now she is Iris The Hunter.

You can follow the story of Iris the Hunter in the 0-2-10 Series from the E7 Universe of Books.

Tools used to create this render:

  • DAZ 3D Studio
  • NVIDIA Iray
  • Adobe Photoshop