Win Win, Raysha Squad – Weekly Render

Mission Briefing:  Winwin – Raysha Squad

In these three renders, we see Tactical Commander Winwin leading an assault on Niatt 3, a lesser colony in the Niatt sector of the Chesarn Nebula.  We are unclear about the reason for the attack by Deceptra’s Legion.  The planet does not seem to have a strategic advantage that we are aware of.

The first render is an extrapolated, side view of Winwin showing a device on her back, a mechanical or artificial-looking spine.  The augmentation could be used as an interface with her M27 mech robot, identified behind her.  When sitting in the command seat, her thoughts alone would allow her to control the massive machine.

Winwin is a member of Queen Deceptra’s Raysha Squad.  An elite squad made up of warriors from the races under the dominion of Queen Deceptra.  We have confirmed that Winwin is from a planet named Genovuss.   The people of Genovuss are born without sight and live blind throughout their youth.  But don’t feel sorry for her.  Their blindness causes them to nurture their other senses to the point of mastery.  Then, as they enter into adulthood, their sclera turns black, and their corneas change color.  After this event takes place, they can see in multiple spectrums, a beneficial talent when sizing up an enemy.  Winwin’s people are hard to kill as their bodies are filled with redundant systems such as two hearts.  Finally, while most inhabitants of Genovuss have very long hair.  Our intel on Winwin states that she cut her hair to show her allegiance to her master, Queen Deceptra.  This act alone was the reason for her promotion to Tactical Commander.

The second and third renders show additional details. They show the environment during the assault on Niatt 3.  The battle took place in a valley surrounded by hills.  From these renders, we can see that Winwin is armed with a blade as well as a holstered weapon.  She is wearing a standard suit of armor worn by Raysha Squad commanders.  The form-fitting armor is lightweight, reinforced with a flexible alloy, and can absorb and disperse most of the energy from an energy-based handgun.

In the third render, we also see that Winwin’s mech seems to be damaged.  Perhaps this is the reason she is outside of the machine.  Having jumped from the cockpit to the ground, Winwin is beckoning her foes to come to their doom.  And in the hours that followed, without her mech, Winwin led Deceptra’s Legion to an overwhelming victory.

Winwin is rarely mentioned in our mission reports, but her short story is worth being seen in these renders.  Take note, she is formidable.  I think we will all agree that this briefing should be forwarded to the Agents of ACTS.

Tools used to create these renders:

  • DAZ 3D Studio
  • NVIDIA Iray
  • Adobe Photoshop