The Tale of the Narravin – Weekly Render


Ship’s Registry: C4
Make:  Selvian Transport Vessel
Transponder Code: 52c4a30b-f9c9-41c8-a5f6-38425d7a5138
Origin: Colony 4-M35, Outer Rim, Chesarn Nebula
Status:  Missing
Last Reported:  Nearly 5 GTP Cycles ago, (Galactic Time Pulse)
Cargo: Classified

The scenes rendered here capture the Agents of ACTS as they arrive on the moon, Acavous Two.  Almost four hours earlier, a deep space relay station, controlled by Deceptra’s Legion, identified a pulse.  The pulse contained a fragmented message which included a transponder code identical to a Selvian Transport Vessel that was believed lost nearly 5 cycles ago.  The message was cataloged and forwarded to the Central Command logistics center via a network of deep space relay stations and satellites.  It would likely take the Legion’s Central Command several hours to decode the high volume of data coming in.  They likely would not realize the importance of the message until then.

Fortunately for the Confederation, one of the satellites, still connected to the Legion’s network, was formerly the property of a race known as the Triani.   A race thought to be extinct.  Reports confirm that they were brutally exterminated by a Legion commander named DuVeaux, now referred to as the Death Commander.  Still, the Death Commander was not completely successful in his efforts to eradicate the Triani.  A single survivor named Treyah was discovered not too long ago, by the Agents of ACTS.  And since his discovery, the Confederation and the Agents of ACTS have been monitoring communications traffic from the Legion.

Upon retrieving the origin of the signal’s location, General Pslyte, commander of the Confederation forces, asked the Agents of ACTS to retrieve the Narravin’s precious classified cargo.  Immediately, Mira, Lee, Ommah, and Quatre geared up and stepped through light portals and onto Acavous Two.  Shortly after, they pinpointed the location of the Narravin and began to investigate.

In these renders, from above, you can see the Narravin, still active, hovering above the water, and nested in a narrow cave structure.  The agents wondered if the ship had been active all these cycles or if someone had recently activated the systems. 

Lee, located at the front of the ship, investigates the outer hull to determine if the ship can sustain space flight.  There were battle scars all over the ship’s hull.  To him, it looked as if the ship’s shields did their job, but they were undoubtedly outgunned.  Still, he hadn’t seen anything that would indicate that the hull’s integrity had been compromised.

Mira, located near the rear of the ship, investigates a very odd anomaly with the port-side-aft wing.  It appears to be inside of the rock face.  As if the rock-face had grown around it or, the ship had somehow materialized here.  This anomaly can be witnessed from the render of the front of the vessel.

From the front, you can also see Quatre in the water off the starboard side of the craft.  Above him, on a wing, you can find Ommah.  From the bottom renders, you can see that Quatre has one of his weapons drawn and is investigating something that has shown up on his helmet’s scanners.  He has sighted a cave, and he is sure that they are not alone.  Something large is in the cave.  Before he and Ommah have a chance to investigate, the four receive a communication from base.  Queen Deceptra’s Raysha Squad has been ordered to Acavous Two.

Written and Rendered by Jarrod L. Edge

Title: The Tale of the Narravin
Book Series:  0-2-10

Tools used to create these renders:

  • DAZ 3D Studio
  • NVIDIA Iray
  • Adobe Photoshop