Let the Story Begin – (0-2-10)

Updates on the 0-2-10 Series

Good news for everyone who has been waiting for the story of Zero.  If you’ve been following, you have already seen that portions of the upcoming series have been making their way into the Acts of the Dragons series.  We’ll highlight all of those stories later this year but wanted to bring news of the stories that will build up to the release of Zero.


We are super excited about Zero and can’t wait until it is ready for release, but in working on it, we realized that we would be simultaneously releasing a large number of characters into the E7 Universe all at once.  So, in order to give those characters recognizable backgrounds, we thought we would release several “Origin Stories” leading up to the three main books of the 0-2-10 series.

The Origin Stories will be released throughout the remainder of this year, some on Amazon and Nook and others will appear on our website and will be free.  Also, keep your eyes open for promotions.

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