Commander DuVeaux and Raysha Squad

Meet Commander DuVeaux, who in this image is being escorted by Sub Commander Norisa Sallis of Raysha Squad.

Commander DuVeaux, also dubbed “Death Commander” in the book Treyah: An Origin Story, has a talent for command as demonstrated during his time as the Sector Commander for Queen Deceptra’s Fleet.  His rise through the ranks of Deceptra’s Legion was unmatched and gained him opposition from his equals.  His story, in the Zero to Ten Origins series, gives us insight into how he becomes entangled with the dark, deadly Saint of the Apocolypse.

Raysha Squad is the hailed as the most elite fighting force in the Chesarn Nebula, under the flag of Queen Deceptra.  Stay tuned to future Zero To Ten Origin stories as we take a  look into their origin and we see how Raysha Squad battles to find and subdue the Agents of Acts and the Confederation leadership.  The E7Universe just got bigger!