Moment of Clara Tee – Weekly Render

Mission Log:

This following information was pulled from the Confederation data archive.

The following render is a satellite image taken over the ice planet, D34 Minor on sector date 8076-533 GTP.  Although D34 Minor is considered to be uninhabitable, it has been colonized by two species and is regarded as an outer-rim way-station.  The planet is currently under the rule of Queen Deceptra and her Legion.

A Confederation CX5 Drone took the following image during an in-atmosphere pass of the planet.

This image was extracted from the one holo-image that was clear enough to analyze.  A note was made that there appeared to be an interaction between two beings.  The first is dressed in an engineer’s uniform, and the other is wearing a low-ranking security uniform.  The security uniform appears to match that of a Legion security guard.

Recently, a Legion frigate was captured in the outer rim, not too far from CX5.  Intel retrieved from the frigate indicates that on sector date 8076-533, an engineer defected from a Legion ship during a supply drop over CX5.  The engineer, identified as Clara Tee, is accused of unlawfully commandeering a maintenance vessel and harming a member of the Legion’s security force. The date roughly corresponds with the attack on the Triani homeworld by Commander DuVeaux of Deceptra’s Legion. Perhaps in a moment of clarity, she did not agree with Deceptra’s act of genocide against the Triani people.

Because the two dates aligned, the satellite image was pulled from the archive, and additional information was extrapolated from the holo-image.  The new renders confirm that the person of the platform is Chief Engineer Clara Tee, whereabouts unknown.

Based on the render, we assume that Clara Tee escaped the planet using the Motha 673 spacecraft shown.  The craft appears to be in pre-flight and may indicate that there was an additional being present.  The following renders and all information about Clara Tee have been forwarded to the Agents of ACTS for review.  Confederation command would like ACTS to recover Clara Tee and debrief her.

Tools used to create this week’s render:

  • DAZ 3D Studio
  • NVIDIA Iray
  • Adobe Photoshop